Twitter is revamping?

The Verge reported this week that Twitter will be bringing out a new way to separate your news feed, by Topic. Which is interesting, I suppose.

It sounds like the way we can follow Hashtags on Instagram, we will be able to do on Twitter. So you can follow Sports, just like you can follow #sports on Instagram. It is certainly an interesting take on social media, however, I don’t think I am a fan of this idea.

I prefer to follow the people I want to follow and that be it. I don’t want random people’s Tweets on my newsfeed. I think that the Explore page on Twitter is enough when it comes to that stuff. I am really not liking the way social media is evolving. I think it is becoming overwhelming for everyone and I don’t know how any one can manage to keep up.

It is interesting that the CEO of Twitter announced that he will not be including Politics in the first round of topics, because to me, that is what Twitter mainly consists of. He says the message of politics should be earned, not bought, which I completely agree with.

When I go on Twitter now, it seems like all I see is a. Stranger Things (duh) and b. Politics. Whether it is a sponsored post or trending or someone is retweeting and sharing something. It seems to be the most saturated social media platform when it comes to politics. Yes, Facebook has a lot of people complaining about politics, but posts from politicians and other important people seem to be prevalent on Twitter more so than anywhere else.

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