The Apple Tax

***Disclaimer: This information is not my own, but based off of research done from websites like and other sources. Opinions, however, are completely my own. I will link all of the articles used if you wish to further read up.***

Apple has been in the news quite a bit recently regarding many new launches releasing fairly soon. But, they have also been in the news because of the Apple v. Pepper case.

If you haven’t heard, Apple is charging an extra 30% commission to their apps — a total of $14 billion in extra income a year — without any repercussions because of the monopolization of the market. Consumers have taken Apple to court over it, and it has been ruled that consumers can sue over the commission prices. This is bringing us one step closer to taking down the four tech giants, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, from abusing their power.

After reading up on the case and some of the information about Apple, Apple is the only tech giant out of the four that has yet to receive any of the backlash for monopolization because their market is so niche-based, where as the other four have broadened their markets across the board.

It can make Apple seem less threatening because of their smaller market, allowing them to slide under the radar for this long, whereas a bigger market could never get away with such a crime.

I don’t know much about law or court or how any of that works, but I am not okay with Apple charging more than necessary for products, devices, and accessories. I have recently bought a new Macbook and I can understand how they are charging more for things that are completely unnecessary, like the charging port being changed and all the other ports being taken out and changed to “lightning” type ports. This means you have to buy a $20 converter for every kind of cord you want to plug into your device. This means you have to have a separate one for USB, my camera’s memory card, etc. This is unnecessary money that they are just taking from us for us to use everyday accessories.

I cannot believe that more people are not enraged by this. Since the Apple market is so large and so many people refuse to use anything but Apple, they are just getting away with taking our money from us. We should be in charge of them, not the other way around. We are the reason they are as successful as they are, we are in control of their profits and their success. There is no reason for them to take advantage of our hard earned money by creating more things to purchase, or just by even charging more than necessary for our apps.

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