Samsung Fingerprint Trouble


Samsung has been reported to be having issues with their fingerprint sensors and some of the gel style screen protectors. The screen protectors are causing issues with the fingerprint sensors and making it so anyone can unlock your phone. Their finger print does not even need to be registered in the phone for the sensor to “recognize it” and unlock the phone.

This issue is happening with the Samsung Galaxy S10’s and some Twitter users have claimed it is also happening with the Note 10, as well. Both have a similar sensor and use the same things to create the sensors software.

The glass screen protectors can also cause this problem if you are registering a fingerprint with the screen protectors on. Samsung has acknowledged the issue and is going to be sure to fix it. They warn that you should only be using “Samsung authorized accessories” with Samsung devices.

Samsung sells an official screen protector that is $29.99, which is a hefty price point when “unofficial” screen protectors can run you around $2-5 on Amazon, eBay, and Five Below. We are also selling screen protectors on our website as well. Just go to and click on the Shop tab.

Is the fingerprint scanner important to you? Would you be concerned about this issue? Do you own a Samsung S10? How have your experiences been with it? Shoot me a comment on Facebook or on this post and let’s talk about it.