R.I.P. iTunes 2001-2019

iTunes has been around for my entire childhood, and I can remember the day I bought my first iPod and downloaded my first song. There was something so exciting about downloading music that was all in one place, not having to change albums on a CD player, and being able to shuffle all of my albums at one time.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with iTunes since then, and have since upgraded to Spotify (thanks to my student discount), but can’t deny that I was excited when I heard iTunes will be breaking up into smaller apps that coincide with different media types. There will now be separate entities for videos, podcasts, and music, just like how iTunes is already divided on iPad and iPod. In my opinion, this makes the user experience a million times better. My biggest issue with iTunes was navigation and had a lot of problems being able to download the music I wanted without downloading every song I had ever purchased. I consider myself to be a pretty tech savvy person, so I can’t imagine the problems other people were having, but maybe I’m just stupid.

I hope that this major update fixes these problems and creates a more user friendly site. What is your opinion on the changes Apple is making to their downloading experience. Does anyone still download music or are we exclusively streaming at this point? Do you think that the streaming world will soon take over the entire iTunes experience and how Apple chooses to sell and market their ever growing library.

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Talk soon!!!

Dojo Master Ken