Liquid Screen Protectors?

The liquid screen protector seems to be the newest fad in screen protector technology. The liquid glass fills in the screen on a molecular level and creates and extra layer of protection. Here at Origami Handcannon we use Cell Helmet’s Liquid Glass Screen Protection to keep our phones safe. The company got its start on Shark Tank and has grown since.

It only takes about ten minutes to apply, which we can do for you in store after replacing your cracked screen.

We sell two different versions of the Cell Helmet Liquid Glass, depending on the level of coverage you are interested in we offer one that is $29.99 and one that is $49.99, both offer over $100 in glass repair protection.

In my opinion, the liquid glass screen protection is a great investment without the look of having a tempered glass screen protector on your phone. The end result is completely invisible and offers the same amount of protection. Come in and check out what we can do for you with the Cell Helmet Liquid Glass Screen Protection.

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Dojo Master Ken