Is The New Google Pixel 3a Right For You?

With the Google Pixel 3a launching earlier this month, many Google Pixel fans are upgrading to the new phone without any second guessing. While the Pixel 3s are outstanding phones, the new 3a is much cheaper for not much of a difference to those who do not mind some of the technical lacking, most of which you may not even notice.

The new phone is slightly smaller and has a less powerful battery, but still offers an all day battery life. Most of us are not on our phones 24/7, or at least away from a charger for that long, anyway. This new phone seems like a great addition to the smart phone world as a cheaper alternative to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL which are upwards of $800-900.

In comparison to the Pixel 3, there is not much difference to be found between the two phones. The cameras and operating systems are nearly the same for both, while the 3a is over $400 cheaper. Of course, if you want the luxury of wireless charging, which seems quite pointless to me (but that’s a post for another day), then perhaps the 3 is more suited towards your need.

The display is also bigger on the 3a as opposed to the Pixel 3, by .1 inches, but hey, size matters!

To me, the Pixel 3a seems to be a no brainer. For someone who uses their phone all day everyday for work, school, and play, this phone would be perfect for all of the above. If you are someone who does not need an incredibly fancy phone, just something to talk, text, and maybe scroll through socials late at night, this is definitely the phone for you. And you just can’t beat that $399 price point.

To check out more of the Google Pixel 3, 3a, and 3XL stats, check out Google’s website! There you can compare models and make the decision for yourself if the new Pixel 3a is right for you.

Talk soon!

Dojo Master Ken

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