iPhones are Dropping in Price???

We finally have some rumors about the iPhone SE 2!!!

It seems that Apple is jumping on the Google Pixel train, offering phones that run with iOS, and are just as high quality, but are cheaper than the $1000 iPhone 11 Pros. We are expected to see the iPhone SE 2 in the first couple months of 2020. While they will have 3GB of RAM, the same A13 chip that the iPhone 11 uses, but it should only cost around $399. This is around the same price as the Google Pixel 3a that was released recently.

Many of the phones sold in India, which has one of the largest consumer populations, are around the $400 price point. While this will appeal to that market, I believe that this phone will also sell well here. With the success of the Pixel 3a, Apple is doing a good thing by creating this SE 2.

I will say I enjoyed everything about my original SE, except for the size. It was just a little too small for me, but I did like the square, sharp housing as opposed to the rounded newer iPhone designs.

What is your opinion on these “budget” type phones? It seems to be a great idea and working well with consumers. Will you be buying the new SE 2?