iOS 13- Sorry iPhone 6 Users

So, I’m not sure if anyone really knows about this yet, but iOS 13 comes out this fall.

By the way, that was sarcasm, I’m pretty sure the whole world knows about this, but if you didn’t, welcome to the party!!

Dark mode is coming to iPhones! This is the most exciting feature to me because I use dark mode on my Mac and I love it. My eyes are incredibly light sensitive and I find that the dark mode really helps my eyes when using computers all day long, for work and for leisure.

Another exciting thing coming to the new iOS is the new Siri! I’m not sure I believe in AI taking over, but with the new Siri updates… It seems like it might be feasible. The new Siri can differentiate between voices so every user has a different experience on the Siri HomePod, the new Alexa-style home unit. This is a huge step in AI and intensifying the user experience, I’m excited to see what happens.

The photos app is also being redone, from what I can tell from the preview that Apple released. As well as the maps app. From what I can tell, this really doesn’t make much of a difference to me or the iPhone user experience. Of course, we love a good update and leaves us feeling like we have a new phone.

Phones aren’t the only thing benefiting from the update, though. The AirPods are also getting some new features, such as being able to hook up more than one set of Pods to one device. This will be awesome for those with AirPods being able to share experiences, music, and movies with their fellow AirPod-ed friends.

I know many people who are obsessed with the QuickPath typing on their Android, and Apple is finally bringing it to iPhones. I’m fine with just typing and this QuickPath thing seems more like a hassle than anything, but I guess I can finally try it and see what happens. Let me know what your opinion is of QuickPath typing, because I can’t seem to get on board with it.

Reminders are also getting amped up, using Siri and other smart features to help reminders actually remind you of things. The example Apple released shows that if you have to ask a friend something, you can create a reminder that will actually pop up while you’re texting that person. This is honestly quite impressive, if you ask me. Anything that will make my life easier, I’m ready for.

To read more about the upcoming update, be sure to check out the Apple article, linked above. But, iPhone 6 users, be warned. This is the last update you’ll be able to download. If you’re not looking for a new phone, this might be the time to start. I, personally, won’t be surprised if anything before the iPhone 8 starts glitching after this update is released. This seems to happen after every update as a way for Apple to phase out their old phones, and push their new ones. Whether this is a good sales technique, or bad on Apple’s part, is up to your discretion, but I know where I stand on the matter.

So, will you be updating to iOS 13 when it releases? Let me know what you think!

Talk Soon!!

Dojo Master Ken

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