Google is not relaunching in China

China does not believe in a free and open internet, as Google does. There is already a massive amount of censorship for the Chinese and Google is not even a thing in China. Could you even imagine not being able to just Google something? And since Google has revoked itself from China, their censorship rules have only gotten more strict.

Google left China in 2010 in protest of the strict laws, and when rumors arose claiming that they may be making a reappearance in China, Google’s CEO immediately shot it down. He claims the company’s main focus is to provide information for as many people as possible. While Google still has a very small influence in China, they are not planning to do anymore work there anytime soon.

Many companies have a very hard time penetrating the Chinese market, because of its strict laws. The amount of Chinese internet users is somewhere in the hundreds of millions – making the market well sought after, for obvious reasons.

This is something I would like to look into more and become more knowledgable about, but most of my information came from this CNN article.

What is your opinion on this matter? I wanna know.