So, I was reading up on this article, watched the mini-documentary, but I still have some questions.

The synopsis of this dWeb idea, is this: a decentralized internet that runs off of our devices instead of using major tech groups, like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, and their servers to run our websites. This is why you can google things and then see ads for similar things on your Instagram feed, and “weird” things like that.

Yes, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are all listening in to what we type, search, and share. This is then computed into ads that are relevant to our lives and what we might be looking for. It may not necessarily be a good thing, but it isn’t as bad as we tend to think it is. We suddenly jump to the conclusion that these websites are spying on us in a malicious way, but in reality they are just trying to offer us ads that support our buying habits.

Granted, I am all for taking down some of these big monopolies and would love to get rid of some of their power (and money). However, I am still very confused about this and what it means for the future. I think if anything this may create an unsafe web space and cause problems, such as more fraud, identity theft, and more.

Let me know what you think please!!!

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