iPhone 11

The new iPhone 11 has been leaked and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Have you seen the potential camera on this bad boy?! To me, I look at that as even more potential to crack things that are a pain to fix, but that’s probably what Apple is going for.

Of course, there is no way to tell if that is the actual design since it is just a leak, but if that is the final design, I honestly think it looks tacky. Which is unfortunate because (don’t tell Harrison) it may convince me to make the move to Android.

From the pictures I have found, such as the one below, the white iPhone looks so incredibly tacky. There has to be a way to create a more aesthetic looking back to the phone with a design like this. Especially if the camera is like the current iPhones where it is raised from the back of the phone.

I don’t know too much about the specks, but what do you think about the rumors? Would you want to purchase the new phone? It is set to release in September of this year, so I’m interested to see what they actually decide to do with the phone and how it ends up.

I am, however, excited for iOS 13 and if you haven’t read my post about that, make sure you check it out. I am excited to see where Apple takes things in the next couple of years because I think their horizons can either be expanded from here, but they can also easily do something to lose customers as well. Such as not having the sleek, chic design that they have always achieved.

Photo from BetaNews

Foldable Phone Updates!


It looks like we’ll be seeing the first folding smartphone sooner than expected. Set to release next month, the Huawei Mate X will be the first folding smart phone on the market after Samsung takes theirs off the market. They will only be releasing a small amount of the phones, which I think is very smart.

Samsung recently took their phone off the market after dirt and dust was finding its way into the folding part of the phone, causing damage to the screen and other parts of the phone.

It seems like all phones will soon be folding phones and we will be one step closer to living in the future. In my opinion, this is getting slightly ridiculous, but I guess this is where we’re headed.

Will Netflix stay #1 in the streaming game?

Netflix is one of the top streaming websites in the game right now, but will it remain?

Disney + is launching on November 12th and so are a couple other niche streaming services. While the prices for Disney + beat out that of Netflix, I am curious how these services will do. In my opinion, because I know everyone is reading this for my opinion alone, I think that this is a bad move for services like this. An overly saturated market means that consumers will either have to pay for multiple monthly subscriptions or they will pay for none at all. Maybe cable will make a comeback because of this.

Disney’s service is only $7 a month, but Disney also took control of Hulu back in May, so why do we need all of these different services if they are all connected to one company in the end? Let consumers save their money and get all of their content in one place, rather than switching between services and paying an unnecessary amount of money.

Personally, I don’t have time for all of these streaming apps anyway, I just need my Stranger Things and my Handmaid’s Tale.

What is your opinion on all of these different streaming apps and services?

Why Upgrade When You Can Fix What’s Been Broken?

Verizon Communications Inc. has recently reported that most Americans are holding onto their phones longer than ever, according to Bloomberg. With new phones costing upwards of $1,000 it is understandably so that Americans are not upgrading and updating. Even older versions of phones, such as the iPhone 8 plus, are upwards of $600-800, for not much of an improvement to their older models besides a difference in screen size. With portable chargers, even short battery life is no longer a reason to upgrade your older phone model for something newer.

With companies like ours, Origami Handcannon, phone users can upgrade their phones just by simply replacing a cracked screen, broken charging port, or even trading it in. These services can cost around 1/8th of the price of buying an entirely new phone with half the hassle and a quarter of the time.

Replacing a cracked screen can take under two hours depending on availability – as opposed to being days without your phone after shipping it off with Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, or Verizon. Not to mention that replacing a cracked screen can add years to the life of your phone. This also eliminates the hassle of transferring contacts, memories, and music.

We recently fixed this hairline crack in this Google Pixel 3 XL for $179, making the phone look brand new, as opposed to buying a new $900 version of the same phone, or spending even more to sent it to Google to have it fixed. The repair was done in an hour and a half and saved our customer hundreds of dollars.

After the hour and a half repair time.

Why spend money on an upgrade when you can come see Dojo Masters Ken and Harrison to fix and give your phone a brand new feel for a fraction of the cost!!

Apple’s Titanium Card

Source 1

Apple Pay has been around for a while now, and most people have started using it instead of carrying around credit cards. Or cash. Or wallets for that matter.

Apple is coming out with a new credit card connected to the Wallet App and Apple Pay that has been around for quite some time. Venmo has also done a similar thing, releasing a card that has a chip and can be used like a debit card based on the balance on your account.

This means that your Apple Pay now has an actual card attached to the account, through MasterCard, making it a functioning credit card, as opposed to just using your Visa card on the Apple App.

The card will have a different number from your Apple Card that is on your phone, from what I understand. I’m not sure what this means for how the card works but it sounds intriguing. Cannot wait to see what else Apple comes out with before the end of the year with iOS 13 and potentially the next iPhone.

Is The New Google Pixel 3a Right For You?

With the Google Pixel 3a launching earlier this month, many Google Pixel fans are upgrading to the new phone without any second guessing. While the Pixel 3s are outstanding phones, the new 3a is much cheaper for not much of a difference to those who do not mind some of the technical lacking, most of which you may not even notice.

The new phone is slightly smaller and has a less powerful battery, but still offers an all day battery life. Most of us are not on our phones 24/7, or at least away from a charger for that long, anyway. This new phone seems like a great addition to the smart phone world as a cheaper alternative to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL which are upwards of $800-900.

In comparison to the Pixel 3, there is not much difference to be found between the two phones. The cameras and operating systems are nearly the same for both, while the 3a is over $400 cheaper. Of course, if you want the luxury of wireless charging, which seems quite pointless to me (but that’s a post for another day), then perhaps the 3 is more suited towards your need.

The display is also bigger on the 3a as opposed to the Pixel 3, by .1 inches, but hey, size matters!

To me, the Pixel 3a seems to be a no brainer. For someone who uses their phone all day everyday for work, school, and play, this phone would be perfect for all of the above. If you are someone who does not need an incredibly fancy phone, just something to talk, text, and maybe scroll through socials late at night, this is definitely the phone for you. And you just can’t beat that $399 price point.

To check out more of the Google Pixel 3, 3a, and 3XL stats, check out Google’s website! There you can compare models and make the decision for yourself if the new Pixel 3a is right for you.

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iOS 13- Sorry iPhone 6 Users

So, I’m not sure if anyone really knows about this yet, but iOS 13 comes out this fall.

By the way, that was sarcasm, I’m pretty sure the whole world knows about this, but if you didn’t, welcome to the party!!

Dark mode is coming to iPhones! This is the most exciting feature to me because I use dark mode on my Mac and I love it. My eyes are incredibly light sensitive and I find that the dark mode really helps my eyes when using computers all day long, for work and for leisure.

Another exciting thing coming to the new iOS is the new Siri! I’m not sure I believe in AI taking over, but with the new Siri updates… It seems like it might be feasible. The new Siri can differentiate between voices so every user has a different experience on the Siri HomePod, the new Alexa-style home unit. This is a huge step in AI and intensifying the user experience, I’m excited to see what happens.

The photos app is also being redone, from what I can tell from the preview that Apple released. As well as the maps app. From what I can tell, this really doesn’t make much of a difference to me or the iPhone user experience. Of course, we love a good update and leaves us feeling like we have a new phone.

Phones aren’t the only thing benefiting from the update, though. The AirPods are also getting some new features, such as being able to hook up more than one set of Pods to one device. This will be awesome for those with AirPods being able to share experiences, music, and movies with their fellow AirPod-ed friends.

I know many people who are obsessed with the QuickPath typing on their Android, and Apple is finally bringing it to iPhones. I’m fine with just typing and this QuickPath thing seems more like a hassle than anything, but I guess I can finally try it and see what happens. Let me know what your opinion is of QuickPath typing, because I can’t seem to get on board with it.

Reminders are also getting amped up, using Siri and other smart features to help reminders actually remind you of things. The example Apple released shows that if you have to ask a friend something, you can create a reminder that will actually pop up while you’re texting that person. This is honestly quite impressive, if you ask me. Anything that will make my life easier, I’m ready for.

To read more about the upcoming update, be sure to check out the Apple article, linked above. But, iPhone 6 users, be warned. This is the last update you’ll be able to download. If you’re not looking for a new phone, this might be the time to start. I, personally, won’t be surprised if anything before the iPhone 8 starts glitching after this update is released. This seems to happen after every update as a way for Apple to phase out their old phones, and push their new ones. Whether this is a good sales technique, or bad on Apple’s part, is up to your discretion, but I know where I stand on the matter.

So, will you be updating to iOS 13 when it releases? Let me know what you think!

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Apple Takes Control of Repairs and the “Right to Repair”

*I am by no means a lawyer, tech, or iPhone specialist. This is simply my understanding of the newest Apple debacle.

Wait, what’s going on?

Apple is launching a new piece of software in all of the Apple iPhone batteries (only effecting the XR, XS, and XS Max as of now) that is meant to restrict third party repair shops, like Origami Handcannon, from being able to repair iPhones without losing minor features (in this case, Accurate Battery Health Readings).

This change does not directly effect the usage of your phone, but it does imply that Apple wants to keep ownership of your phone, even after you purchase it, by restricting your right to repair the device through third party establishments. Basically this forces the customer to pay inflated prices at Apple opposed to taking the phone to a third party shop or even replacing the battery (or other repairs) yourself!

Instead of seeing your battery health after replacing your battery, you will get a message saying that you need to service your phone. This message will not go away unless you go to Apple, or an Apple Certified repair shop, and have them replace your battery or recalibrate the battery to match serial numbers of the motherboard.

This creates tension for repair shops because this means a majority of Apple customers are going to abide by this “rule”. Apple can raise their prices as high as they want without any repercussions because the End-User License Agreement is also meant to prevent you or any other repair shop from fixing Apple products.

So, how do they know if the battery has been replaced?

Every battery will now have its own serial number that is attached to your specific phone. This means even replacing the battery with another Apple battery is still going to bring up that service message if the repair is not done by Apple. Only an Apple specialist will be able to reset the software that lets the phone know the battery has been changed correctly.

What is the “Right to Repair”?

Okay, I’ve been doing a lot of research on this, so let’s see if I can get this right.

So, the End-User License Agreement is what you agree to when you buy your phone. This means that you cannot modify the device any more from what it is the moment you purchase it, including repairs.

Most people are okay with this EULA because they do not play with phones or mess around with the software that is on the phones. This is why jailbreaking an iPhone was such a big deal back in the early 2010s, because it is technically illegal with that EULA.

I remember everyone talking about jailbreaking their iPhones and iPod Touches and the sort of “secrecy” behind it. Granted, I was in middle school at the time, but I remember people paying a lot of money to have their iPods unlocked and then talking about how its illegal. Which is true, but we, a bunch of middle schoolers, were not going to get in any trouble for it.

So, the EULA combined with Apple’s new battery tracking is going to deter a lot of people from repair shops, keeping Apple #1. Most times, bringing your phone to Apple results in a week-long wait for something that is “unfixable” and the Apple worker will encourage you to purchase a new phone, or charge you an incredibly inflated price to fix it.

Apple is attempting to completely monopolize their company, creating ways to keep the business inside of Apple. They are eliminating the repair industry completely, aiming to make as much money as they can by shoving new phones down everyone’s throat every time a slight inconvenience occurs.

If you want more information, read the articles tagged above. They might help to make things a little more clear. Be sure to comment below your feelings on the right to repair and Apple’s newest addition to the iPhone.

This is our first sponsored post!! Lindsey Carr is one of my best, best friends and truly one of the best people I’ve ever met. She is currently working for Dex Imaging, “saving you from the uninvested sales rep and going the distance.” Be sure to give Lindsey a call and see what she can do for you.

The Apple Tax

***Disclaimer: This information is not my own, but based off of research done from websites like CNN.com and other sources. Opinions, however, are completely my own. I will link all of the articles used if you wish to further read up.***

Apple has been in the news quite a bit recently regarding many new launches releasing fairly soon. But, they have also been in the news because of the Apple v. Pepper case.

If you haven’t heard, Apple is charging an extra 30% commission to their apps — a total of $14 billion in extra income a year — without any repercussions because of the monopolization of the market. Consumers have taken Apple to court over it, and it has been ruled that consumers can sue over the commission prices. This is bringing us one step closer to taking down the four tech giants, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, from abusing their power.

After reading up on the case and some of the information about Apple, Apple is the only tech giant out of the four that has yet to receive any of the backlash for monopolization because their market is so niche-based, where as the other four have broadened their markets across the board.

It can make Apple seem less threatening because of their smaller market, allowing them to slide under the radar for this long, whereas a bigger market could never get away with such a crime.

I don’t know much about law or court or how any of that works, but I am not okay with Apple charging more than necessary for products, devices, and accessories. I have recently bought a new Macbook and I can understand how they are charging more for things that are completely unnecessary, like the charging port being changed and all the other ports being taken out and changed to “lightning” type ports. This means you have to buy a $20 converter for every kind of cord you want to plug into your device. This means you have to have a separate one for USB, my camera’s memory card, etc. This is unnecessary money that they are just taking from us for us to use everyday accessories.

I cannot believe that more people are not enraged by this. Since the Apple market is so large and so many people refuse to use anything but Apple, they are just getting away with taking our money from us. We should be in charge of them, not the other way around. We are the reason they are as successful as they are, we are in control of their profits and their success. There is no reason for them to take advantage of our hard earned money by creating more things to purchase, or just by even charging more than necessary for our apps.

What’s your opinion on all this? Let me know in the comments please!(:

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