Apple is releasing a brand new iPod??

Soooo, Apple is releasing a new iPod Touch?

This was my initial reaction, to be fair. But, considering the pros and cons of the Touch for those who maybe don’t need a cell phone (such as younger children), this may be a convenient buy.

Here’s the run down:

The graphics will be three times faster than the other iPods of the past and will have access to Apple Arcade, a gaming subscription service that will be launching later in the Fall. The graphics will be perfectly suited for gamers and non-gamers alike, whether you have the preference or not.

With a price starting at $199 for 32G it seems like a pretty good deal for a child, or even just as a gaming device. Don’t hog up your iPhone with your games when you can put them onto another device. For my personal life, I really don’t need two separate devices for that kind of stuff, but maybe you want to appear more professional at work and keep your gaming and socials somewhere else, I could see that being a great reason to buy.

The 256G iPod is around $400, which is still a really great deal. I think this a really, really good deal for someone who may not want an iPhone but still wants all the great aspects that Apple has to offer. I think Apple is actually doing a really good thing by releasing these as cheap as they are. I think they are going to be a hit for younger kids, I would purchase one for my child to introduce them to the world of technology.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!! Talk soon!

Dojo Master Ken