A Folding Smart Phone?

Hauwei Mate X

When do we stop playing God, y’all? Where do we draw the line?

This is way too much, in my opinion. What is the point of this, can someone please explain this to me? What is the appeal of a bendy smart phone?

Either way, both Huawei and Samsung are creating a foldable phone that will be releasing soon. Huawei has just announced that the phone they are releasing will be put off until September due to some issues with the hinges on the phone.

However, Huawei is not able to be sold in the United States, so regardless we will have to wait for the Samsung version to be released. This is because the US believes that Bejing could be using the phones to spy, which is actually very interesting and smart on Huawei’s part. That is something that I have never really heard of before, especially when it is definitely a possibility that all of our phones are spying on us, regardless of who makes them.

But, like, back to my original question, why?

What has prompted this? I just don’t really understand. Is this something we really need as a society?

What is the aesthetic appeal of this phone? I don’t think I want anything with a screen so big that I am going to have to fold it up to put it in my pocket, and even then it appears that the thickness of it is going to be like carrying two phones in your pocket. Who’s idea was this??? My iPhone 8 Plus is already to big for my little hands and I have a hard time reaching everything with my thumbs, I can’t imagine what this would be like.

Since the phone is not releasing in America, I haven’t been able to find much information on it, besides the pictures. I just cannot imagine why anyone would want this hanging out of their back pocket.

I think we should all go back to those SideKick phones that we all had back in like 2008. The ones with the touch screens and then the fold out keyboard, all my friends had one of those in middle school and I was so jealous because I just had a normal flip phone. I’d be down for one of those, but with the Apple iOS. How cool would that be?!

Anyway, if this phone would interest you, you’ll have to wait until the Samsung release in America, but drop me a comment below if you would get a phone like this! What about it appeals to you and what would you use it for?

The Samsung version, called the Galaxy Fold, has also been postponed after some claim that the device had been breaking. Which makes sense because I really don’t understand how the screen can fold, but I don’t understand a lot of things so… The Samsung Galaxy Fold will cost $1,980, which is absurd!!!!

I hope you enjoyed me complaining and being completely baffled by this phone.

Dojo Master Ken