5 Ways to Optimize Your Battery Life

Optimizing battery life is crucial to making your phone last all day. While the batteries in these new phones work really well, they can still be drained just as quickly.

**These apply to both iPhone and Android, but I am using iPhone settings to explain how to reach them.

1. Battery Saver Mode

Right after I unplug my phone in the morning from charging overnight, I immediately turn on the battery saving mode. Battery saving mode will make sure that your battery is not running on things that are not needed.

You can access this from your settings under battery, but you can also edit it so it pops up in your Control Center. The can be accessed under Control Center and Customize Controls. Then just add Low Power Mode to your included controls.

2. Turn Brightness Down

Turning down your phones brightness will dramatically help to save your battery. Often times we don’t need the brightness up all the way, anyway. Turning the brightness down at least to the halfway point is more than enough, but doesn’t take away from being able to see your screen.

You can also turn on your Auto brightness, so at night the brightness is automatically turned down. You won’t even notice a difference, I promise.

3. Turn Bluetooth Off (when not in use, obviously)

Bluetooth is another one of those things we only use once in a while, but sits on all the time. When you buy your phone, bluetooth is automatically going to be on and running. This is going to take up so much of your battery without even noticing because you’re not actively using your bluetooth. You can easily turn on and off your Bluetooth from the Control Center in the top left side where your airplane mode and wifi buttons are.

4. Turn Off Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh can be located under General settings, and turning it completely off, or certain apps, will help save your battery. Background app refresh means that apps like Instagram and Facebook will continuously be refreshing your home page even when you are not using the app.

5. Airplane Mode

Turn Airplane Mode on when charging to help your phone charge faster. This turns off the cellular data, making the phone use less battery as it charges. iPhones already charge quite fast, so turning this on will make it charge even faster!!

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